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Commissioned by John Zalud and built by John and Hugh Templeton, the 2 story, mansard style roof house was built in 1891. It is one of the few dwellings of that era that has not undergone remodeling. The brick residence is unique in its style of architecture.

The house is furnished with approx 90% of the original possessions of the Bohemian (today’s Czechoslovakia) immigrants who lived here. The fireplace is encircled with a beautiful, intricately carved wooden panel from China. From the time the house was built, only the Zalud family has lived in it. In fact, it is one of the few museums in the nation that is furnished almost entirely with the original owners' possessions.

It is filled with clothing, linens, books, ceramic and porcelain collectibles, newspapers, records, personal belongings and other items solely owned by the Zaluds. Several of the items still have the original price tags on them.

The house is surrounded by a large variety of roses, decorative shrubbery and flowers. The rose garden has meandering brick paths, flower beds and archways. The original carriage house is on the property. The Zalud House is listed in the National Historical Registry of Old Houses and is in the National Register of Historic Places. It was willed by Pearle Zalud to the City of Porterville upon her death in 1970.

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