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Types of Hauntings

There are several popular theories about ghosts, spirits and possible hauntings. The two most popular theories are "residual" and "intelligent".


In this kind of haunting psychic energy is at an exact place due to a sudden emotional release. This could be the result of a traumatic occurrence such as a sudden fatal accident, unexpected death, war, etc. It might also result from a cheerful event such as a wedding, a play, a birthday party, etc.

The energy which was spent seems to have been somehow immersed into the environment where the event took place. Sometimes this residual energy can be detected by particular equipment or sensed by persons who are receptive to this type of energy. It can also be detected by sight, sound, smell, taste or touch.

A similarity for a residual psychic energy haunting is a video recording. Like the tape used in a video recording, the surroundings in a location can "record" an event in which a significant outbreak of emotional energy occurs. Later, the environment can "replay" the event much like a video recording. The “recorded” event may be something as plain as footsteps, whispering or speaking voices, or it may be the actual appearance of an apparition.

In a residual psychic energy haunting, the apparition does not appear to be aware of or recognize the attendance of observers. The repetitive actions of psychic energy can sometimes match up to the prior features of a site. Examples are the sighting of a ghost or spirit walking through solid walls where there might have been doors or floating down stairs that are no longer there.


In this type of haunting, a person encounters an intelligent, interactive spirit which can be detected by sight, sound, smell, taste or touch.

Theory is that psychic energy apparently contains the basic nature of a person's consciousness, personality, intellect, essence, etc. and that it continues to exist.

Intelligent hauntings can speak, ask and answer questions, move objects and even touch.

Why do they hang around a particular setting? Theories for this type of behavior range from sudden and unexpected death, having some “unfinished business”, fondness for a living family member or residence.

Intelligent hauntings have been documented by use of various audio/visual equipment and numerous eyewitness accounts.


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