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Meet The PGS Core Members

A Porterville native, her personal experiences with the trauma of sudden loss has motivated her to explore existence on a different level. She is a skeptic first, believing in the value of research and proof, but will also keep an open mind. She has a natural tendency to be inquisitive and not being “scared enough”. Kat is also interested in the study of cryptozoology, urban legends and myths and of course...local ghost stories. 

Email: kat@portervilleghostsociety.com

Is a veteran of the US Army and a guy who loves to ride his Harley. He has a strong sense of community service, belonging to service groups that promote community growth, patriotism and self esteem. He is also one of our comedians (or at least he thinks he is). Art is always eager to pitch in and learn new techniques. His many questions and experiences with the paranormal helped lead him to the group.

Email: art@portervilleghostsociety.com

The brother of Kathy, is a veteran of the U.S. Navy as a submariner and is also a real live bona fide archaeologist. He is extremely proficient with information systems and is our resident technical expert. Bruno’s knowledge of the history and geographical layout of Tulare County through his archaeology background will prove to be a valuable resource that is unique to our group. He is also highly interested in the paranormal and brings a scientific approach to investigation.

Email: bruno@portervilleghostsociety.com






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