Porterville Ghost Society is comprised of local people that share a common mission; to provide evidence that ghosts exist. PGS is proudly affiliated with The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) as a TAPS Family Member. What this means is that PGS is recognized by TAPS as part of a select group of paranormal researchers within the United States and abroad. TAPS will screen and refer cases to PGS when they are contacted.

We invite you to explore the pages and links of this website to help you understand what paranormal research is about. Please read the information and experience our evidence. Listen to the voices and sounds captured during investigations. We encourage you to contact us, share a story or two and if you need some help, let us know… we certainly will do our best. Come on in, get to know PGS and ghost hunting and ...welcome to our world.

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Porterville Ghost Society is here to help. We realize and understand that it is extremely difficult to contact a group like us and it’s often the last resort. Please bear in mind that we fully respect your right to privacy and appreciate your trust in us.

We never, ever charge a fee for our services. If something is making you feel uneasy, or you feel something is “just not right”, give us a try. We will not judge or ridicule you but will treat you with respect. Please contact us, tell us what's going on and we will arrange a time to visit you and the site of reported paranormal activity. We value your privacy so none of this will be disclosed without absolute permission.

Se Habla Espanol
PGS can offer assistance to the Spanish speaking.

We believe in our soldiers…..past, present and future. They sacrifice so much in order for us to enjoy the freedom to choose and experience the good life. Do you really believe that every country allows a group of people to look for ghosts or something they cannot see at all hours of the day or night?

If you want to help out a soldier and their family, here are some links that will help you and help them too. We strongly believe in giving back.


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