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Terms you may have heard of but were afraid to ask...


Anomaly: Any occurrence or object that is strange, unusual or unique

Apparition: This is a type of spirit that has physical features. Apparitions can be seen, recorded on video and photographed. They often appear as a misty or shadowy figure.-

Benign Spirit: A spirit that is not harmful. A benign spirit can manifest as a sighting, a scent or sounds. They can move objects, operate electrical items or even touch you. Most spirits are of the benign category. (Thank goodness for that)

Cold Spot: This is a temperature change in the air that cannot be logically explained, such as an open window or an air duct. It is theorized if a spirit wishes to communicate or manifest itself, they draw upon the energy of their surroundings. This energy drain causes a cold spot and is an indication of a spirit. (Ever hear of goose bumps?)


Anything that might affect evidence such as street noises, talking or whispering among team members, dust, insects, faulty equipment

Debunk: To expose and disprove false or exaggerated claims


Dematerialization: This is the sudden disappearance of a spirit… (We like to call it the “poof” factor)

Disembodied: It is “present” with no physical form…for instance, a voice you hear but can’t see where it’s coming from.

EMF: This is the short and sweet version of electromagnetic field. This field is propagated by a combination of electric and magnetic energy. It radiates from radio and light waves to gamma and cosmic rays. It is theorized that when a spirit manifests, they are creating an EMF.

Evidence: This is something that furnishes proof. This can be documentation from an audio recording, photos, videos and EMF and temperature readings.

EVP: This is the high-speed version for Electronic Voice Phenomena. These are whispers or voices that are recorded. They are often not apparent or heard by anyone until the audio evidence is analyzed.

A special note about EVPs:
Many researchers use EVP Classes to label their evidence. PGS also classifies other sounds not heard by the human ear (such as bells, music, knocking) as an EVP.

  • Class A: Voices or sounds are very clear and easily understood. They can usually be heard without the help of headphones.
  • Class B: Voices or sounds are usually loud and clear. They may be harder to hear without the use of headphones.
  • Class C: Voices are whispery and faint; sometimes you cannot tell what is being said. Investigators usually discover them after analyzing on audio software.

Ghost: See apparition, spirit...

Haunting: When a spirit has attached itself to a person, place or thing and has demonstrated their presence.

Infrared or Night Vision: This is part of the spectrum (or field of light) that is below normal visible range. IR equipment allows a person to see in the dark and observe possible activity that the physical eye cannot.

Malevolent or Malicious Spirit: This type of spirit wants to cause physical or emotional harm to the living. Malicious spirits can actually push, pull hair or clothing, bite, scratch or throw objects. (The good news is that these kinds of spirits are extremely rare)

Manifestation: This is the visibility or appearance of a spirit or spirit actions.

Materialization: This is the abrupt or sudden appearance of a spirit that can be detected with the corporeal senses.

Orb: This is a small sphere of light that can be visibly seen or captured with visual equipment. The majority of orbs are not accepted as evidence of spirit activity due to possible causes such as dust, moisture particle or insects.

Residual Haunting: This is a series of events that repeats itself, like a recording or video that is played over and over again. A residual haunting is believed to be caused by energy imprinted from a traumatic experience. A residual haunting does not interact with the living.

Spirit: An entity without a physical form...a ghost...an apparition-


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