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The Atlantic Paranormal Society

The Atlantic Paranormal Society may not be the first ghost hunting group in existence but it is arguably the most recognized.  TAPS members are highlighted in the television series “Ghost Hunters”. A book has been penned by founders Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson and it even has a magazine…TAPS Paramagazine. TAPS is an efficient organization with extremely high values concerning paranormal research. We look upon them as mentors and pioneers in this area.


Tulare County Historical Society

Promoting interest in the history of Tulare County and preserving the heritage of our area for future generations.

The Antelope Valley Ghost Hunters!

We will investigate for our clients and gather as much information to make the scientific/psychic determination as to whether a paranormal haunting is present or not. This will be free of charge and we will do so until the answers are apparent and / or the activity is debunked.


AGH Crew

AGHNation.com is a world-wide paranormal community developed and maintained by the creators of "The American Ghost Hunter", currently being produced under True Player Entertainment, located in Santa Monica, CA.
If you would like to contact us regarding the site or show, you can email us at info@aghnation.com



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