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Porterville Ghost Society

Is a bunch of normal people from all kinds of backgrounds that are on a mission to provide evidence that ghosts exist. And while we are at it...have some fun too.

It has proven to be quite the adventure when ghost hunting. We have endured investigations in the sizzling heat of summer no air conditioning, fans or even a breeze (often the heat is almost unbearable and oven-like, sweat trickling in every nook and cranny) or in the “dead” of winter...when breathing almost hurts! And no matter how many layers of clothes or socks you have on...your fingers and toes are still numb.

Those of you who want to be a ghost hunter...just because it looks cool on TV or movies and you think “wow...that sure looks easy”...its not. Be prepared for long hours, weird smells, stomach growls that you think might be an EVP, dirty places to sit in, aching backs and aching knees, dust, spiders, bugs and the occasional sound of a gun shot echoing in the distance...its not for everyone. Be ready to spend some hard earned cash on gas and the tools of the trade because all those gadgets are not cheap. (At least not the cool ones)

Be prepared to investigate all night and not catch one thing. You think you might have evidence and it turns out to be dust, a flying gnat or an overactive imagination. Our tekkies...the guys, who can make, break or fix anything, spend long hours learning about the equipment and their capabilities. They make absolutely sure that before evidence is authenticated, that the equipment is working properly and everything else is ruled out. If they cannot debunk possible evidence; either by electronics, temperature readings or any other tangible means, then the evidence is validated. It is considered reasonable proof of paranormal activity.

How it all began……

On June 18th, 2008, PGS started with a phone call from Kathy to Lori. Kathy was always interested in the paranormal but never had a kindred spirit to share it with. Kathy and Lori talked on the phone, shared a few dinners and after some input from their families and friends (Lori’s son Kyle came up with our tag...Porterville Ghost Society) decided to try and start a ghost hunting group.

The idea of a website came up (neither one had inherited millions) so a freebie social networking site (you know it as MySpace) was developed. Once the page was created, it generated almost 400 hits in about 4 weeks, not bad for an itty bitty ghost hunting group! PGS was gathering momentum and it was encouraging. Little by little, more interest circulated and PGS started to get requests for membership from local people who also had an interest.

Today, PGS is proud to have an official website that is created by skilled members, which we try to keep as interesting and fresh as possible. Some of us have moved on, including Lori, who felt it best to spend more time on herself and her family. We all thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about PGS, you will find we are much like you, regular people who just happen to enjoy hunting down a ghost story and seeing if its real...


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